Disinfectant Door for Sale in Mongolia

Intelligent Atomization Disinfection Door
Intelligent Atomization Disinfection Door

Temperature Measurement Disinfection Door for Sale
Temperature Measurement Disinfection Door for Sale

The disinfectant door has made a major contribution to the new crown epidemic. Due to the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia at the end of 2019, many countries in the world have been deeply troubled. For this reason, the disinfection door developed by YG Machinery can provide some convenience for this. Our disinfection door is tested with the integrated functions of temperature and disinfection and can be placed at the entrance of offices, shopping malls, cinemas, schools, canteens, factories, etc., and is widely used.
Recently, many Mongolian customers have ordered multiple disinfection doors from YG Machinery, some of which were referred by our customers, and some were searched on Google. Currently, our disinfection tunnels have been sold to nearly 100 units in Mongolia, and we have received customers highly praised by Henan YG Machinery as the best partner. If you want to know about or buy disinfection doors, please click the button below or add [Whatsapp/Wechat/Phone/Skype] +86 136 1385 6800.

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Technical Parameter of the Intelligent Disinfectant Door:

Model Regular Upgraded Advanced

Antivirus system

Auto-induction mist disinfection Auto-induction mist disinfection Auto-induction mist disinfection
Ultrasonic antivirus Ultrasonic antivirus Ultrasonic antivirus
Ultraviolet antivirus Ultraviolet antivirus Ultraviolet antivirus

Temperature detection system

__ Palm temperature detection Face recognition temperature detection
__ High-temperature alarm system High-temperature alarm system
Dimension 2.45*1.24*0.86m
Weight 150kg

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Intelligent Disinfectant Door
Intelligent Disinfectant Door

Disinfection Tunnel Factory Price
Disinfection Tunnel Factory Price

Types of Disinfectant Doors for Sale in YG Machinery Manufacturer:

  1. Only spray disinfection, without automatic induction, with a blue light.
  2. Induction spray disinfection, ultraviolet light disinfection, ozone generator disinfection, palm, and forehead temperature measurement.
  3. Induction spray disinfection, ultraviolet light disinfection, ozone generator disinfection, no temperature measurement function.
  4. Induction spray disinfection, ultraviolet light disinfection, ozone generator disinfection, and face recognition temperature measurement.
  5. No-washing temperature measurement integrated machine, the battery can be plugged in, temperature measurement distance 5cm.
  6. With a distance of 5-10cm, it can automatically sense and disinfect hands, and wash hands with foam and spray.

    In addition, we support customer OEM, the disinfection door can be added to three-sided spray, etc. Please contact us for specific details!

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Disinfection Door Manufacturer
Disinfection Door Manufacturer

Disinfectant Door for Sale
Disinfectant Door for Sale

Why Choose YG Disinfection Door?

There is an atomized disinfectant in the disinfection door, and disinfection can be completed by walking inside. There is an exit for spraying disinfectants inside, and personnel can complete the disinfection by standing in front of the spraying exit.
The cost of the disinfection door is low, and the construction speed is very fast. The main principle is to use a professional atomizer to atomize and spray the formulated agent in the semi-closed corridor. Instead of using alcohol and 84 disinfectant, the disinfectant uses a compound chlorine-containing disinfectant, which has a good killing effect on the new coronavirus and is sprayed on the surface of human clothes after being diluted and atomized.

Hot Sale Machinery in YG – Factory Price

The epidemic prevention equipment of YG Machinery not only has disinfection doors, but also disinfection channels, fog cannon machines, face mask making machines, melt-blown cloth machines, PE glove machines, automatic trolley disinfection machines, smart UV disinfection robots, household oxygen generators, industrial oxygen generators, and nitrogen machine, electrostatic sprayer, hand-held car disinfection spray gun, fog smoke machine, wet wipe production line, etc. In addition, there are crack filling machines, shot blasting machines, concrete curb machines, floor grinders, steel bar straightening and cutting machines, thread rolling machines, mortar spraying machines, hydroseeder machines, and so on. Contact me for a quote.【Whatsapp/Wechat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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