Oxygen Concentrator Machine

Oxygen Concentrator Machine
Oxygen Concentrator Machine

Portable Oxygen Concentrator Machine
Portable Oxygen Concentrator Machine

The household oxygen concentrator machine is easy to use, portable, and suitable for health care users. The dual-purpose vehicle-mounted home can be used both at home and in the car with car power. Oxygen is a colorless and odorless gas. It is an important substance for the human body to survive, and it is also an important substance for other animals and plants to survive. Without oxygen, there will be no life and no life in nature. Its importance is like water. It has a wide range of applications, and oxygen is inseparable from all walks of life, including medical care and beauty care. At YG Machinery, we also sell indoor atomization machines, fog smoke machines, air disinfection machines, disinfectant sprayer machines, etc., which can purify the air in the house or car. If you are interested, please contact us now.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Oxygen Concentrator for Sale
Oxygen Concentrator for Sale

Household Oxygen Concentrator
Household Oxygen Concentrator

Parameter of Oxygen Generator Machine:

Product size 340*320*530mm
Rated voltage 220V±22V 50Hz
Input power ≤420VA
Oxygen generating principle Molecular sieve pressure swing adsorption
Output pressure >=100kPa
Size of the noise ≤60Bd
Oxygen concentrations 90%-96%
Weight About 20kg
The oxygen flow rate 1-5L

The Working Principle of The Household Oxygen Generator:

The use of molecular sieve physical adsorption and desorption technology. The oxygen generator is filled with molecular sieves, which can absorb nitrogen in the air when pressurized, and the remaining unabsorbed oxygen is collected and becomes high-purity oxygen after purification. The molecular sieve discharges the adsorbed nitrogen back into the ambient air when it is decompressed and can adsorb nitrogen and produce oxygen during the next pressurization. The whole process is a periodic dynamic cycle process, and the molecular sieve is not consumed.

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Oxygen Concentrator Detail
Oxygen Concentrator Detail

Application of Oxygen Concentrator Machine:

  1. People who are susceptible to hypoxia: middle-aged and elderly people, pregnant women, students who have long been engaged in mental work, company employees, government officials, etc.;
  2. High altitude hypoxia: high altitude pulmonary edema, acute altitude sickness, chronic altitude sickness, altitude coma, altitude hypoxia, etc.;
  3. Frail and sick people with poor immunity, heatstroke, gas poisoning, drug poisoning, etc.;
  4. In a state of hypermetabolism such as fever, convulsions, hyperthyroidism, and when using thyroxine and insulin;
  5. Use ACTH, ACTH, epinephrine, norepinephrine, etc.;
  6. Lack of vitamin E and C and lack of trace element selenium (the ability to scavenge excessive free radicals is reduced, and the ability to resist oxidation is poor);
  7. Exposure to X-rays, etc.;
  8. People with insufficient oxygen supply after participating in strenuous exercise or excessive exercise;
  9. Poorly ventilated public places (such as movie theaters, gymnasiums, computer rooms, casinos, etc.) are crowded with people, smelly, and the air is dirty;
  10. Closely enclosed cars, air-conditioned rooms, underground shopping malls, air defense facilities, military underground command sites;
  11. Mental workers with intense work and study, junior and high school students, and other test preparation groups.

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YG Portable Oxygen Concentrator Machine
YG Portable Oxygen Concentrator Machine

Instructions for Oxygen Concentrator Machine:

  1. Install the main engine in rotation on the floor or hang it on the wall with a pylon, and install a gas filter.
  2. Nail the oxygen supply gusset on the wall or support as needed, and then hang the oxygen supply.
  3. Connect the oxygen supply port with the oxygen supply tube, and connect the 12V power supply line of the oxygen supply to the 12V power supply line of the host. If multiple oxygen supplies are connected in series, only the three-way joint is needed, and the pipeline is buckled. fixed.
  4. Plug the 220V power cord of the host into the wall socket, and the red light of the oxygen supply will be on.
  5. Please add pure water to the designated position in the humidifying cup. Then install it on the oxygen outlet of the oxygen supply.
  6. Put the oxygen delivery tube on the oxygen outlet of the humidification cup.
  7. Press the oxygen supply start button, the green indicator light is on, and the oxygen generator starts to work.
  8. According to the doctor’s advice, adjust the flow to the desired position.
  9. Hook up the nasal cannula or wear the mask to inhale oxygen according to the packaging instructions of the oxygen mask or nasal suction tube.

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Wide Large Screen of Oxygen Concentrator
Wide Large Screen of Oxygen Concentrator

Precautions for Use of Household Oxygen Generator:

  1. Patients who buy an oxygen generator should read the instructions carefully before using it.
  2. When using the oxygen generator, avoid open flames to avoid fire.
  3. The oxygen generator should be placed steadily, otherwise, it will increase the noise of the oxygen generator.
  4. The water level in the humidification bottle should not be too high (the water level should be half of the bottle body), otherwise, the water in the bottle will easily escape or enter the oxygen suction tube.
  5. When the oxygen generator is not used for a long time, please cut off the power supply, pour off the water in the humidifying bottle, wipe the surface of the oxygen generator clean, cover it with a plastic cover, and store it in a dry place without sunlight.
  6. When the oxygen generator is turned on, do not place the flow meter float at the zero position.
  7. Pay special attention when filling the oxygen bag with the oxygen generator. After the oxygen bag is filled, you must first unplug the oxygen bag intubation and then turn off the oxygen generator switch, otherwise, it will easily cause the negative pressure of the humidification bottle to suck back. Enter the oxygen generator, causing the oxygen generator to malfunction.
  8. During transportation and storage, it is strictly forbidden to place it horizontally, upside down, damp, or in direct sunlight!

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12 Functions New Upgrade of Oxygen Concentrator
12 Functions New Upgrade of Oxygen Concentrator

YG Household Oxygen Generator Maintenance Method:

  1. Regularly check the humidification water tank of the small household oxygen generator to clean up the dirt in the humidification water tank. This is conducive to the cleaning of oxygen, especially for those who directly inhale oxygen, and it is necessary to ensure the cleanliness of the humidifying water tank.
  2. Regularly check the compressor operating system of the small household oxygen concentrator to see if there is any leakage. If there is a leak, it must be repaired in time, otherwise, the pressure of the oxygen outlet will not reach the required level, which will affect oxygen production and oxygen absorption effect.
  3. Check the air drying system of the small household oxygen generator. Check the dryer and oil-water separator to clean up the impurities inside. The method is to first blow into the oxygen outlet with the mouth to increase the internal pressure. Then open the oxygen outlet valve to the exhaust. Repeat the operation several times to get rid of the impurities inside.
  4. Check whether the interface between the oxygen suction tube and the oxygen outlet of the small household oxygen generator is aging and leaking. If there is any leakage, the pressure of the oxygen suction outlet will be reduced and the oxygen suction effect will be affected. It is best to replace the oxygen suction tube regularly.
  5. Check the atomizer of the small household oxygen generator to ensure that there is sufficient moisture inside, otherwise, the oxygen produced is too dry, and long-term inhalation of dry air or people who are sensitive to the respiratory tract will have a bad effect. It is best to change the water in the atomizer regularly to ensure it is clean and sufficient.

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