Balloon Manufacturing Machine for Sale in India

Balloon Manufacturing Machine
Balloon Manufacturing Machine

Balloon Making Machine Price
Balloon Making Machine Price

This Indian client of ours is mainly doing wedding celebrations, etc., so there is a high demand for balloons. He used to buy balloons for himself, but the price was high, the transportation cost was relatively expensive, and there was a time difference. He would love to invest in a balloon manufacturing machine so he can produce and sell it for his own use. Without a doubt, this is a good idea. If you also want to invest in this balloon-making machine, please contact us for a professional quotation.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

A balloon is a sealed bag filled with air or some other gas. The main materials of balloons are rubber, plastic, PVC, etc. In addition to being used for playing, they can also be used to decorate houses, celebrate festivals, and can also be used as a means of transportation. There are many types of balloons. Now we mainly introduce balloons produced from natural latex, which can be used as decorations, arches for opening celebrations, can be printed with their own advertising patterns as publicity, and photos of newly married couples can be printed as congratulations and can be used to decorate dance parties. Newcomer floats, etc. Balloon decorations can be one of the cheapest and most convenient decorations for any party, birthday, or holiday celebration.

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Balloon Making Machine Technical Parameters:

Model YG-QQ45 YG-QQ60 YG-QQ80 YG-QQ100
Dimension(L*W*H*)(m) 45*1.26*4.45
Layer 2 2 2 2
Color/time 4/6/8 4/6/8 4/6/8 4/6/8
Mold/row 16/24/32 16/24/32 16/24/32 16/24/32
Mold(pcs) 10912/16368/21824 14944/22416/29888 20272/30408/40544 25600/38400/51200
Capacity(pcs/hr) 10560/15840/21120 14400/21600/28800 19200/28800/38400 24000/36000/48000
Heat(Kcal/hr) 250000 400000 500000 625000
Power(kW/hr) 23kw 29kw 32kw 40kw
Weight(ton) 35 42 45 56
Heating Source Steam、Thermos oil、Natural Gas、Electricity etc.
Voltage(V) 380/220V   50-60HZ

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Balloon Maker Machine
Balloon Maker Machine

Rubber Balloon Making Machine for Sale
Rubber Balloon Making Machine for Sale

6 Features Balloon Making Machine:

  1. The equipment is designed according to the chemical properties of the raw materials and the requirements of the balloon-forming process. The process flow is compact and the structure is reasonable.
  2. The drying box adopts the tunnel drying method, the hot air rises principle, and the recycled hot air circulates and stirs so that the machine can get the best effect under the minimum power.
  3. The machine makes great use of the effective heating space in the design process, adopts the principle of hot air circulation and an intelligent PID temperature control system, and the temperature control is accurate so that the machine can achieve the energy-saving effect and reduce the cost.
  4. High output, unique joint design, replacement of mold manhole cover steel mold U-shaped groove mold, easy to operate, and speed up the cycle.
  5. The automatic vibrating glue dispensing and glue dispensing system make the quality of the finished balloon better.
  6. Adopt a special high-temperature resistant chain, co-extrusion one-step method, speed up production speed and increase output.

Balloon Manufacturing Machine Price in YG Machinery:

When you know that balloons are widely used and the return on investment of balloon production lines is high, are you interested in investing? At present, our balloon lines have been sold to India, the United States, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Peru, Russia, and other countries. And our customer is already preparing to buy the second and third production lines and wants to expand the production efficiency and make more money. In addition, we also have glove-making machines, condom-making machines, shoe cover-making machines, surgical cap-making machines, wet wipes machines, disposable cup-making machines, lunch box-making machines, paper bag-making machines, woven bag-making machines, paper bowl-making machines, paper dish making machines, paper straw making machines, sanitary napkin making machines, diaper making machines, A4 paper making machines, napkin making machines, egg tray making machines, etc. Contact us to know more machinery.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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